As a resident of Broomfield County, and as someone who has experienced working and supporting our legislators down at the State Capitol, I have seen many cases where our government is not working in our best interests to allow Coloradans to thrive. My promise to you is to work to change that.

The issues that most pressing for the people of Broomfield, Erie, and Superior need to be addressed, and you have my word that I will work hard to do so.


With over 100,000 people moving to the Colorado metro area, we need to focus on our new and growing transportation needs in Broomfield, Superior and Erie.

We need to end party-line votes and political agendas that block improvements to the northern I-25 corridor and Northwest Parkway.

Better Education Options for Better Jobs

The up and coming generations are graduating from college with enormous debt and are not able to find good paying jobs.  This starts with a choice in education.

Let’s increase the options for parents and students to include charter schools, technical programs, and vocational studies to enable them to make choices that are best for them to obtain gainful employment, make a great living, and prosper!

Removing Burdensome Regulations and Grow Business

The government has suffocated businesses with regulations that make it difficult to stay in business and grown jobs.  This is especially true in the housing construction industry, and it is effecting our neighbors ability to realize the American Dream of owning their own home our business.

We need to eliminate regulations and unleash the free market to do its job.

These are the key issues that I am looking to improve on for the people of Colorado.  I want to hear from you on what you key issues are.  Please email me at and let me know what you are concerned about.